Minorca. The best information to visit Menorca.

Minorca. The best information to visit Menorca.
19 April

The island of Menorca is one of the best destinations for family relaxation that we can find in the Mediterranean. Beautiful beaches, cities with Mediterranean charm, extensive nature, prehistoric architecture and a tasty cuisine make the island of Menorca an ideal destination for your holidays. Shuttleasy Transfer Menorca offers you the basic information to make your stay on the island of Menorca as pleasant as possible.
Menorca is the easternmost island of the entire Balearic archipelago. Its extraordinary beauty makes every day more visitors who prefer to spend a few days off in Menorca. Its long sandy beaches that mix with small, almost virgin coves with crystal clear waters and the variety of outdoor activities arouse the interest of more visitors each season. Every year almost 2 million visitors come to Menorca. This island, which has the privilege of being the first place in Spain where it dawns, is an ideal destination for a vacation getaway, a long long weekend or even a romantic weekend or if you prefer adventure.
The island, 48 km long and 16 km wide, is crossed by a central highway that connects its two main cities: Mahón and Ciutadella.
Binibeca, Ferreries, Fornells, Es Mercadal or Es Castell are some of the small charming towns that deserve a quiet visit.
Nature lovers are in luck, since in Menorca we will find an island with an infinity of almost virgin corners and with a wild beauty that fascinates all visitors. In 1993 Menorca was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO due to its unique landscapes and native fauna.
A natural park, nature reserves, a marine reserve and 19 protected areas of special interest are what make this island a unique place in the Mediterranean. A compulsory visit is the Albufera de Es Grau Natural Park, where we will find countless species of flora and fauna, many of them native to the island.
- The Best Beaches of Menorca.
Among the four Balearic islands, Menorca is the one with the greatest variety of unspoilt beaches and coves. We make our particular recommendation:
Cala Macarelleta: It is one of the most famous coves on the island. We can find it as an image of countless postcards for its beauty. White sand beach and blue waters. It is important to arrive early as it tends to have a lot of people.
Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta: Separated by a small rocky tongue we find two excellent sandy coves and crystal clear waters. In a totally natural environment we can go walking or swimming from one to another. We find them in the southwest of the island.
Cala Turqueta: Virgin cove with white sand and turquoise waters located just 10 minutes by car from Ciutadella. We must leave the car in the parking lot located 10 minutes walk from the beach. The beach is totally unspoiled and surrounded by pine trees. You have to arrive early as it is one of the most famous beaches in Menorca. Its name refers to the color of its crystal clear waters and a turquoise blue. In this place we will find a small paradise recommended for swimming and diving.
Son Saura: Virgin cove with crystal clear and shallow waters. It is an ideal cove for families, although in high season you have to go early as it usually attracts many visitors.
Cala des Talaier: Located between Cala Turqueta and Son Saura in one of the smallest coves in Menorca. Sandy beach with crystal clear waters. It is advisable to go well equipped since we will not find shade to protect ourselves from the sun.
Cala Pregonda: Panoramic cove with a spectacular landscape on the north coast of Menorca. Difficult access since we will have to leave the car in the parking lot that is about 30 minutes walking, but approaching its golden sand will be worth it to contemplate a cove full of rocks and surrounded by small islets.
Cavalleria Beach: A beach with golden sand and cliffs, ideal for lovers of diving and snorkelling. It is a virgin beach without any type of service for visitors, so we will have to go equipped. We will have to leave the car in a parking lot 10 minutes walking from the sand. Its northern location makes the wind very frequent, so we recommend consulting the weather forecasts. On windy days it is an ideal area for surfing.
Cala Escorxada: Isolated beach with turquoise waters, white sand and pine trees. Accessible on foot, since you have to walk 1 hour from the town of Santo Tomas. Only in the summer months we will find enough people who come with the tourist boats that leave from the port of Calan Bosch. It does not have services, so we will have to carry provisions.
- Main cities of Menorca.
Mahón and Ciutadella are the two main cities of Menorca. Both share stories of attacks, looting and destruction 
by pirates. Strolling through its alleys and enjoying its monuments and views of its ports will become a pleasant experience.
Mahón is the capital of Menorca, it is located to the east of the island. It is the main communications hub since the airport is just 4 km away and it is also the port of entry to the island. The port of Mahón is one of the largest natural harbors in the world and we can observe it from many of the viewpoints in the city. The old town of Mahón is located on the cliff above the port, and offers us an infinity of unique British-style buildings. Among its corners we will find squares, restaurants, terraces to sit down and have a coffee and numerous points to observe the panoramic view of the port from higher areas.
Mahón is the main nightlife center on the island. During the summer months, visitors are offered different musical events and the venues mostly located around the port offer fantastic parties almost every night.
Ciutadella is at the opposite end of Menorca. It is a city that is worth discovering thanks to its heritage and wonderful old town. The old town is a pedestrian area full of Renaissance mansions and palaces among its labyrinth of alleys. A must see is Ses Voltes street, an arcaded area full of small shops. On our walk through its streets we will find the Castell de San Nicolau, the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Ciutadella or the Plaza des Born just before descending to its wonderful port.
Around the port is where most of the nightlife venues are concentrated, which during the summer months brighten the lives of visitors.
In addition to Mahon and Ciutadella, we find endless small towns in Menorca, each one with its typical charm. Binibeca, Alaior, Es Castell are some of them, although in a future post we will give you details of the essentials for any visitor who wants to discover all the charm of this island.
- What to see in Menorca.
Menorca is known for its beaches with crystal clear waters and the wonderful villages with their alleys and houses painted white. But also on the island we can find an attractive offer for endless interesting visits and excursions.
Menorca has been influenced since times past by different cultures, thanks to its strategic location in the center of the Mediterranean. This allows us to find different styles of prehistoric heritage mixed between its nature as well as different architectural styles visible in the old quarters of its towns, castles and cathedrals. Here we list some of the must-sees on the island:
- The Talayotic town of Torre d'en Galmés or the Naveta des Tudos are just two of the 31 monuments of the megalithic culture that we can find on the island that date back to around 1000 BC.
- The cave of the Cala Morell necropolis. In this area we can find 14 burial caves dug into the rock during the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
- Headlights. The Cavalleria Lighthouse, the Favaritx Lighthouse, the Punta Nati Lighthouse, the Sa Farola Lighthouse or the Artrutx Lighthouse. The lighthouses are another of the most visited places on the island. They are the protagonists of countless photos.
- See a sunset from the Cova d'en Xoroi. It is another of the most visited places in Menorca. It is an open cave in the rock of a cliff from which we can observe some of the most beautiful sunsets that you can photograph. We will find it in the south of the island, in Cala en Porter.
- See Menorca from end to end from Monte Toro. In the center of the island we find the highest point with 358 meters. Monte Toro allows us to have a 360º panoramic view of Menorca, even on clear days we can see the island of Mallorca. In addition, at the top we can visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro (17th century) and discover the Christ that crowns the top of the mountain (a reduced version of Christ the Redeemer of Brazil)
- If we visit Menorca between the months of June to September we should not miss any of the popular festivals that are held almost every weekend in the different towns on the island. The Sant Joan festivities in Ciutadella (June 23/24) are the most famous and are especially popular for “jaleos” or horseback riding on two legs while people hold them from the sides of the animal. It is a unique and unforgettable show, but we must be careful since they are very crowded of people.
- Activities in Menorca.
Nature and its beaches and coves make Menorca an ideal place for outdoor activities.
- The Camí de Cavalls is one of the most famous trail routes on the island. It is a hiking route (GR233) that surrounds the island offering visitors the 
best unspoiled landscapes on the island. Its 185 km of route have been divided into 20 sections or stages. It is usually done on foot, by bicycle or even on horseback. In its origins it was a path for the surveillance of the coast by the Menorcan knights under the orders of Jaume II.
Cycling, Diving, Snorkelling, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Sailing or Trekking are some of the activities that can be done on your own. But if what you want is to discover the most beautiful corners of the island, it is best to sail on one of the excursions that are organized by catamaran or other boats from the different ports of the island.
Another good option is to tour the island on horseback. We will find throughout the island various companies that organize different types of tours valid for all levels.
- Gastronomy of Menorca.
Menorca is an area with a special variety of typical Mediterranean dishes, most of them based on fish. The star dish is the lobster stew, a simple fisherman's stew composed of a sauce of onion, tomato, garlic and parsley to which the chopped lobster is added and cooked over high heat. We can find this exquisite dish in almost every restaurant on the island.
Some of the best cheeses in Spain are also made on the island. They have a Protected Designation of Origin and are known by the name of Quesos de Mahó. Also important is the production of sausages, especially sobrasada.
The confectionery is another of the aspects to highlight.
Do not hesitate to taste the typical dishes of the area in some of the restaurants that we will find in all the towns.
- Recommendation.
We are going to recommend two typical products of the island: the Menorcan espadrilles or sandals and the Gin Xoriguer
Menorcan espadrilles or sandals were an old peasant footwear. Today we can find countless models and colors that have turned them into an almost luxury product. But fortunately, its elaboration is still maintained in an artisanal way. They cannot leave the island without their pair of espadrilles.
The Gin Xoriguer or Gin de Menorca is another of the typical products of the island. It is a gin made in the distilleries located in the port of Mahón. Made by the English during the years of occupation, it continued to be produced once they left the island in 1802. We can taste it in any of the bars or restaurants on the island, although the best option is to taste it while we visit the distillery and thus learn about its fabulous history. .
- What is the best time to travel to Menorca?
Although the island of Menorca has attractions to be visited at any time of the year, the best time to visit Menorca is between the months of May and October where we already find most of the services open. July and August are the most crowded months and also the most expensive. As we have already mentioned, the San Juan festivities in Ciutadella (June 23/24) are very crowded and most of the accommodations are fully booked on those dates.
- How to get from Mallorca to Menorca?
The main entrance of visitors who arrive to Menorca is by plane, from the peninsula with companies such as Iberia, Air Europa or Vueling and from Europe with Lufthansa, Alitalia, British Airwais or Jet2. Another source of entry is by ferry from Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Denia with companies such as Balearia or Transmediterranea and all of them with a stopover in Mallorca.
- What to do upon arrival in Menorca?
For your complete peace of mind and to ensure that you reach your destination quickly and without any setback, the best option upon arrival is to book our transfer service at Menorca airport (we also have a transfer service at the Port of Ciutadella and Mahón) . Book your transfer to Menorca Airport for your family or group with our exclusive vehicles. We have sedans, vans, buses and minibuses of different capacities. We have the best price on the island with an excellent quality of service with our knowledgeable drivers of the area.
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