Holy Week in Seville

Holy Week in Seville
10 February

Talking about Holy Week means talking about Seville. Although this traditional festival is celebrated in countless cities, the most famous of all is Holy Week in Seville. It is a festival where Catholic, artistic and cultural aspects are mixed with more than four hundred years of tradition and it has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.
Visitors are surprised by the intensity with which the Sevillians live their party. The images of Virgins and the Christs on their thrones, the crosses, the arrows, the music and the hundreds of Nazarenes in their traditional costumes make this festival known throughout the world.
In Seville we can find 60 brotherhoods that carry religious images on their shoulders as a sign of penance. Each brotherhood usually carries two thrones with images, one of Jesus Nazareno and the other with the image of the Virgin that are carried on the shoulders by the bearers. These images are adorned with crosses, banners, candelabra and candles that give off an intense aroma of incense as they pass.
There are brotherhoods that carry out longer itineraries than others, with thousands of Nazarenes and others that only go through the old town. We can also find different types of processions throughout the week. Some more popular and with a more relaxed atmosphere and others more silent, but always respecting the symbols and the religious sense of the party.
The oldest brotherhoods are usually the most followed by the Sevillians, given the age and tradition of their images, the expertise of their team of bearers and the mastery with which they coordinate the steps with a good and numerous musical band.
Inexperienced visitors should try to enjoy Holy Week in Seville quietly and on wide avenues. Or if, on the contrary, you want to immerse yourself in the key points where magical moments occur with the singing of arrows as the images pass, our recommendation is that you look for a Sevillian who can guide you or seek prior advice.
But apart from the processions, at Easter it is also typical to taste some traditional dishes. Cod dishes, chickpeas with spinach, widowed potatoes or garlic soups will be dishes that you can find in most bars and restaurants.
Holy Week in Seville is much more than a religious celebration, it is a deeply rooted tradition among its people that completely transforms the city for a week. They should not miss it!
And if you still have more time, in the province of Seville we will find some smaller towns where Holy Week also has a special meaning. Alcalá de Guadaíra, Carmona, Utrera, Écija or Morón de la Frontera are some of the most prominent.
If you need a transfer service in Seville during Holy Week, you can request it through our agency. We are specialists in the area.

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