17 May

As of this 2022 season, Shuttleasy opens operations in the area of ​​Portugal that receives the most tourists throughout the year, the Algarve. Thanks to our new collaborator in the area we can offer our Faro Algarve Airport Transfer at the best price and without neglecting the quality and excellence that characterizes us so much. All this so that they can visit this spectacular area of ​​southern Portugal.
The main gateway to the Algarve is Faro Airport, although given its proximity many visitors travel from Seville Airport. The Algarve has a population of 450,000 inhabitants that is multiplied in the summer season. Its capital, Faro, is the most populated city, although we will also highlight Loulé, Albufeira, Lagos and Portimao.
The main attraction of this area are its small towns and coastal towns with spectacular rugged beaches.
The Algarve is a safe option if we are looking for sun and beach tourism with a calm and familiar atmosphere.
From Shuttleasy Transfer we leave you our special recommendation of the places to see in the Algarve:
We will start our recommendation with the most visited towns in the Algarve and that you should not miss.
-FARO. Unlike the rest of the cities in the south of Portugal, the capital of the Algarve is a city with a calm atmosphere. It is the main gateway to the Algarve as it is here that we find Faro airport. Most travelers pass by this city, but we must say that it has a very beautiful historic center in which it is well worth spending half a day to get to know it. We will discover the Arco de la Vila, the Cathedral of Faro or the Walls of Faro dating from Roman times.
If we want a little more life and hustle and bustle, nothing better than strolling down Rua de Santo Antonio or touring the port.
But without a doubt the most interesting and curious place to see in Faro is La Igreja do Carmo and the Chapel of Bones. It is a baroque church whose chapel is built with the bones of more than 1,000 religious.
-PORTIMAO. The city of Portimao is the largest tourist center in the entire Algarve. Although in recent years the tourism boom has led to the construction of countless apartments and we can have the feeling of overcrowding, a walk through its historic center is not bad at all.
The main attraction of Portimao is Praia da Rocha, to the south of the city. It is a steep beach with rock formations to keep taking photos. In this area further south we find countless hotels and restaurants for the entertainment of all visitors.
-LAGOS. Due to its location, the City of Lagos is a good strategic point to explore the Algarve. Lagos is a city of contrasts. We can visit its historic center, small but very traditional, with some interesting monuments and surrounded by Arab walls. Another option is to drive around its impressive rocky beaches or visit its marina.
In the surroundings we will find some of the most visited beaches in the Algarve. The best known are Praia Dona Ana, Praia do Camilo, Praia dos Pinheiros, Praia da Balança and finally the essential Ponta do Piedade.
The city of Lagos has a great atmosphere of bars and terraces where you can have a drink and enjoy a beautiful sunset.
-CARVOEIRO. Of all the towns that we can see in the Algarve, in Carvoeiro we find a privileged location. It is an open town focused on tourism with all the facilities for visitors, although the atmosphere is much more relaxed and familiar than in other larger cities. At its feet we can walk along the well-known cliff of Praia do Carvoeiro.
For nature lovers, hiking trails depart from here from which we can discover the beauty of these lands.
-TAVIRA. Tavira is a charming little town that we should not miss. The city is divided into two parts by the passage of the Gilao River. A former fishing village, it has a well-preserved historic center with cobbled streets and full of tile shops.
Lovers of sun and beach tourism cannot fail to visit the Ilha de Tavira where we will find 11 kilometers of deserted beaches of fine white sand. We can access Ilha de Tavira on the ferry that will bring us closer in just 5 minutes.
-ALBUFEIRA. Albufeira is one of the most demanded tourist destinations in the south of Portugal. This is because we find quite affordable prices, a good claim for younger tourists.
Its narrow streets with white buildings betray its past from the Muslim era. The city has one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Algarve.
It has a quite lively nightlife with groups of young people walking its main street full of bars and music venues.
-QUERTARIA AND VILAMOURA. These two towns dedicated to sun and beach tourism are located next to each other in the heart of the Algarve coast. In Quertaria we find a beautiful beach covered in its perimeter by a huge promenade. Water activities for all tastes (surfing, kayaking, whale watching, windsurfing,...) will make us spend a most entertaining vacation. On the outskirts of the city we find Aqua Show, one of the largest water parks in Portugal.
Vilamoura is an area oriented towards more exclusive tourism and higher purchasing power. Hotels of more category and a more sophisticated environment. This is no excuse to visit the beautiful Port of Vilamoura and its restaurants where we will surely eat well, although we must have a good pocket.
-LOULE. This city of 60,000 inhabitants is one of the most charming places in the Algarve. We will not find here a tourist city, but an area that preserves its original and traditional essence. Loule Castle is one of the most important in Portugal, dating from the 2nd century and was rebuilt in the 18th century. In addition to the castle, the Municipal Market of Loule and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy are also essential.
-FERRAGUDO. Finally, we suggest Ferragudo, a small fishing village that has remained a bit untouched by tourism. Walking through its streets and its main square we will discover a traditional village of the Algarve. We must not miss visiting the castle of Säo Joäo de Arade on a small hill between the two beaches of the town.
Once we have reviewed the most beautiful villages in the Algarve, we are going to recommend some of the landscapes that you should not miss out on if you spend a few days on vacation in the south of Portugal.
-PONTA DA PIEDADE. Near the town of Laos we find one of the most charming places in the Algarve. A set of cliffs and stone arches that emerge from the sea forming beautiful caves. These rock formations take on a golden hue that is accentuated and reaches its maximum splendor under the sunlight at sunset.
We can access it from land by following a path that will bring us closer from Praia do Camilo, although if we want to take the best photos of the area, our recommendation is that you hire a boat trip or simply go kayaking or paddle surfing.
-FOOTBRIDGES OF CARVOEIRO AND ALGAR SECO In the town of Carvoeiro we find a wooden walkway of about 600 meters with views of the sea that connects Algar Seco with the Nossa Senhora da Encarnaçao fort. At the end of the walkway, in Algar Seco we will find a bar where we can have a drink and go down some stairs to a network of tunnels and caves created by the sea.
-BENAGIL CAVE. One of the most special places in the Algarve is the Cueva de Benagil. This cave created by water erosion has a beach inside and its roof is full of holes through which sunlight enters. Access is only possible from the sea, so the easiest thing is to hire one of the boat trips from Portimao or rent a kayak and row from the beach. Swimming access is not recommended as it is an area with strong currents.
-CAPE OF SAN VICENTE DE SAGRES. It is the westernmost point of the European continent. At Cabo de San Vicente, it is crowned by a beautiful red and white lighthouse that dominates the entire rugged coastline, with vertiginous cliffs. In front of us we will find the immensity of the Atlantic Sea. At this point the Romans believed they were facing the end of the world. It is an area with a lot of waves that attracts numerous groups of surfers.
Very close to Cabo de San Vicente we find the town of Sagres, a quiet area with few tourists that attracts nature lovers and surfers.
-CHURCH OF SANTO LORENZO. Finally we recommend this beautiful church in Almancil. Outwardly, all the churches in the Algarve are very similar with their white facade and some rectangular windows. But entering the Church of Santo Lorenzo is quite an experience, the interior is completely covered with tiles.
Finally, for sun and beach lovers, we recommend some of the best beaches in the Algarve. In the Algarve we find more than 100 quality beaches. Although it is an area where the temperature of the sea is not suitable for cold people, we cannot leave without taking a bath in these Atlantic waters. These are the most visited beaches to see in the Algarve:
-PRAIA DONA ANA. One of the most famous beaches on the coast. It is located about 25 minutes on foot from Laos and is usually quite busy, but due to its large area there are no crowded people. It is sheltered between rocks. With calm and crystal clear waters, it is ideal for diving since we can observe a lot of marine fauna.
-PRAIA DA MARINHA. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe. Like Praia Dona Ana, it stands out for its clean and crystal clear waters. At one of its ends, the erosion of the sea has created two natural arches under the rocks that are one of the most photographed postcards in the entire Algarve. Lagoa is the closest city to the beach from which public transport departs to reach the area.
-PRAIA DA ROCHA. This is one of the liveliest and most visited beaches in the Algarve. It is very close to Portimao from where it can be reached on foot in about 25 minutes. It has bars and restaurants that encourage visitors. We also find beach volleyball, soccer and basketball fields. Even if we like gambling, we have a casino nearby. This beach has a flat access unlike most in the Algarve where we find stairs and ramps.
-PRAIA DA FALESIA. A very quiet beach 8 kilometers long. To get to it we need a car and descend a cliff of reddish earth. It is advisable to visit it at sunset since the sunlight gives a spectacular tone to the curl of the cliff. The closest city to the beach is Albufeira.
-PRAIADOS THREE IRMAOS. It is a cove surrounded by rocks and caves through which we can access other small adjoining coves. Calm waters and very beautiful greenish color. Next to it we find Alvor beach, but it is very exposed to the wind and has strong currents.
These are some of the beaches to see in the Algarve and where we can take a refreshing swim in its waters, although if we have time, these others offer us beautiful landscapes. Praia de Sao Rafael, Praia Emil, Praia Ponta Pequena, Praia Ponta Grande or Praia do Camilo.
We cannot finish our review of the most important of the Algarve without mentioning its rich gastronomy based on products from the sea and the orchards in the south of Portugal.
The star dish of the area is the Cataplana. It is a soupy stew based on fish or shellfish with vegetables that is cooked in a copper pot.
We will also find in all the restaurants in the area dishes based on cod, which is a national dish of Portugal, broth rice with seafood or fish and grilled meats.
Another dish that is not lacking is the Portuguese stew, although it is probably more advisable to taste it in the winter season, since it is quite a forceful dish and difficult to digest.
After this review of the southern part of Portugal, we can only recommend that you spend a few days getting to know all the corners that we have presented to you. So book a flight and a hotel and let yourself be surprised by the wonders you will find in the Algarve.
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