Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Before my reservation

All requests must be made at least 48 hours in advance. This period is necessary to be able to offer you an efficient and organized service.

If you need to book less in advance you can try it by email.

All reservations are for private transfers. Your group will travel in a vehicle for exclusive use. This will allow you to avoid queues, save waiting times and make a direct trip to your destination without stops.

To simplify and streamline the process, we offer you only what you demand. Without making any distinction in the vehicle category. You select the number of people and the amount of luggage you transport and we already offer you a vehicle suitable to your needs. We have sedans of up to 4 seats plus driver and Van with 7 seats plus driver. All our vehicles are high-end and are perfectly equipped.

As a guide, the approximate capacity of vehicles, passenger cars, up to 4 seats plus driver is two large suitcases (80x50x30) or four cabin suitcases (55x40x20). Vehicles with 7 seats plus driver have a capacity of approximately one large suitcase per passenger.

Within the reservation process you must select the extra luggage box, so we will offer you a vehicle with a larger volume. If you need to transport an unexpected object with you, send us your query and we will try to offer you a solution.

In Spain, minors must travel with approved child restraint devices. If you wish you can bring your own child restraint system. During the reservation process we offer you the possibility of requesting one as an extra service at an additional cost.

Yes, it is possible to carry it. However, take into account the equivalence that your volume can represent with a suitcase in order to assess whether it will fit all of your luggage.

Yes, it is possible, you should only take into account that the seat occupies the entire boot of a saloon. During the reservation process, you must select the extra luggage box so that we can offer you a larger vehicle. If the passenger must travel seated in his own wheelchair, he must hire a vehicle adapted for wheelchairs. At this time we do not offer this type of service.

Our providers have a very restrictive policy in this regard and we cannot commit to guarantee the acceptance of pets. So we do not accept the transport of pets except if it is a guide dog.

The contracting of the extra key collection / delivery service includes a stop on the route that must be in the same municipality of origin or destination, and always without deviating from the route of the destination route. This stop has a surcharge. The driver's waiting time will be ten minutes. If the stop exceeds this waiting time, or the stop is made in a municipality other than the one of origin or destination, or is too far from the original route (5 km maximum), you must pay an extra amount to the driver.

Before my trip

Normally in a few minutes an email with the confirmation of the service should arrive. This email will include the Travel Voucher, where you will find the name and contact telephone number of your service provider. Said provider will be waiting for you upon arrival. You must show the Travel Voucher to your driver.

If you do not receive the travel voucher, please contact our Customer Service Department in case of any technical problem or incident.

When you receive the Travel Voucher, it is extremely important that you verify that all the information is correct.

Yes, you can do it free of charge up to 48 hours before the scheduled time for the start of the service, by email.

Yes, you can request cancellation by email. Provided you do so 48 hours before the start of the reservation, the full amount paid will be refunded. See the CANCELLATIONS section in our General Conditions.

You must print and carry the Travel Voucher with you. You must deliver it to the driver before starting the trip. You can also display it on an electronic device. If your trip is round trip, print a second voucher to be delivered to the driver who makes the second transfer.

No, you do not need to reconfirm your reservation. We take care of reviewing transfers with carriers.

Before starting your trip you should check your email to verify that there have been no modifications or cancellations in your reservation. Notifications will be sent to the email address that you have provided us in the reservation process.

The day of my trip

On your Travel Voucher, which you will receive with the confirmation of your reservation, the specific details to meet with the driver will appear. In airports, generally, the driver will wait for you at the departure of passengers for your flight, with a sign with the name to which the reservation was made.

At the airport the driver will wait for you for 60 minutes from the time the plane lands. In hotels or homes the wait will be 15 minutes. Once this time has passed without you having appeared to start the transfer, the service will be terminated, but not before trying to contact you using the phone number they entered when making the reservation. However, contact your service provider by phone if you have any problems.

Your service provider monitors the status of your flight at all times and adapts the time of your transfer to the new arrival time. That is why the waiting time at the airport (60 min.) Is calculated from the landing time of your flight.

If your flight is canceled, you must report the incident quickly to our customer service email, in order to notify our provider as soon as possible. Furthermore, you will have the right to request a refund of the total amount paid for the services not enjoyed, and you must provide supporting evidence or proof of such cancellation. Contact us as soon as possible via email. Claims made after the scheduled departure time of your flight will not be attended.

In the exceptional case that the driver is late or you are not there, please contact our provider. You will have the contact number on the travel voucher that you must have received by email when making the reservation. Keep in mind that if you decide to leave by other means, without contacting us, you will not have the right to a refund of the amount of the service.

We will ensure and put all the means at our disposal for the correct provision of services by our suppliers, and especially in achieving maximum punctuality in the beginning of them. However, the maximum admissible delay is established at 15 minutes over the service start time.

We will be exempt from any penalty when the delay or non-appearance occurs due to force majeure.

Once the reservation has been made and payment has been made, you can manage the request for said invoice using the reservation number obtained.

The amount of the services does not include any amount for tips, nor are you obliged to offer them to drivers. In case you offer them, it will be exclusively of your own free will, having received an excellent service, but without feeling forced or forced in any way.

After my trip

You must contact our customer service center by email within a period not exceeding 15 calendar days from the date of service, having the right to obtain a response from us within a period not exceeding another 15 calendar days.

Contact our customer service center by email. After your trip, we may send you a short questionnaire so that you can evaluate the service received, as well as transmit your ideas or suggestions for the future.

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